A day used to exist when getting a college degree was a privilege, something  you could only get when you had the money. A college degree was like having a luxury car instead of a normal car to get to work. Both cars serve the same purpose, which is to help you get to work to fulfill a job. As the years went on, high school curriculums started introducing more and more ideas to students of going to a university, rather than learning a trade or even getting a job right out of college. These ideas are mainly taught now by guidance counselors. But the idea of trade schooling or working the next year are never an option presented by guidance counselors, especially because schools are only judged based on how many of their  graduates attend college the next year. Now, guidance counselors has every senior taking the PSAT’s, SAT’s, and applying to college. And of course, students will continue to get accepted, with or without the help of student aid. And once again, students are taking loans and paying extremely large tuition bills because, well, they were always taught that you will get a good job after college. BUT, they never tell you how long you have to work to fully pay off your tuition bill, and break even. They never tell you what the average student makes out of college, and if they’re even guaranteed a job. And why don’t they tell you this in college? Because guess what? COLLEGE IS A PYRAMID SCHEME.

Let me explain, because the words COLLEGE and PYRAMID SCHEME look completely opposite, like a mismatched couple. What’s a pyramid scheme? It’s a “financial” plan that is “designed” to trick the investor into investing his/her money into a business plan that is “guaranteed” to give them high returns. But those promises are given to the investor to simply encourage them to invest in something with no true truth to it. And that’s what college exactly is. Yes, a 4-year degree is difficult to work for. Steve F. and I both have one. But, after graduating, we’ve realized how much of the work we did is actually a waste. And then we realize, this had to be a scheme. And why is that? Because we weren’t taught in a real life economic society. We were taught in a make believe economic environment that only had promising returns.

You see, in college, you learn concepts and information in a perfect economic situation. For example, you will be looking at an ROI of Company A’s new product in Macroeconomics. However, you will learn about this concept in a false sense of reality, because real life factors are not presented to you in this course.College presents students information in a perfect economic situation, rather than an actual real-life environment. College is designed to make students feel like everyone counts ,everyone is important, and everyone has equal chances of success. But, after you graduate, that isn’t the case at all. College doesn’t teach you to be yourself, and that no one is perfect. College doesn’t teach you about the negatives of graduating, which is enduring numerous, stressful interviews for jobs that you are overqualified for. College doesn’t teach you how to go through interviews nor network. It’s a simple systems of forcing students to learn a great deal of unnecessary information and charge them for it. And colleges never tell you how much money they’re making off of students.

College is designed to give students a false sense of reality of the real world, but they don’t teach you two important things for real life success: Positive Work Ethic and Effective Communication. And why? Because not everyone has these skills. But, college is designed to allow students to practice skills they already gained through 12 years of schooling, which is simply studying and retaining information. But guess what? The working world isn’t exactly like that. You will never know what information you need to learn when you’re working for a company. But, you can learn that new information from developing and strengthening two major skills: Positive Work Ethic and Effective Communication.

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