A little fun fact about Jay and myself, we are both from New Jersey. And here in the great garden state it is our favorite activity to tailgate, speed, yell, and just be obscene with our gestures on the roads. You could be driving to church behind the priest but if he isn’t moving fast enough 9 times out of 10 he’s getting the finger for his sin towards your view of the holy humanity that is the open road. And quite frankly, that pisses us off.

Ped crash rate

As you can see, the risk of a fatal injury involving a pedestrian doubles from the 26-30 mph to 31-35 mph range, and quadruples from the 31-35 to 36-45.

The chart above shows just how deadly speeding can be when driving in residential areas and basically any non highway road. I know a lot of the New Jersey local roads are around 45 MPH and as you can see, if you lose control at those speeds, you’re risking life loss, plain and simple. What really pisses us off is that everyone is in SUCH A HURRY. The crazy thing is that by speeding, you’re not even saving that much time! The chart below shows exactly how much time you save.

The time saved is compared to the MPH listed above. Ex.

The time saved is compared to the MPH listed above. Ex. If you travel 15 miles at 70 MPH vs 65 MPH you will save .99 minutes.

When we drive on the highway and there are people passing us at 90 MPH in a 55 zone and there’s tons of cars on the road, we say to ourselves, wow they must really be in a hurry. But if they only knew, they won’t be saving that much time! If you travel at 90 MPH as opposed to 60 in this scenario, you will only save 5 minutes! Do everyone a favor, leave five minutes earlier. Maybe time management should be a chapter in drivers ed instead of parallel parking, it’s not like anyone in the city cares about their bumpers anymore anyway. Another commonality that we often see is people driving 50 MPH in a 25 MPH residential zone with school crossings and senior citizens walking across the street. As can been scene in chart number one, if you strike a pedestrian at 25 MPH, there is a less than 3% chance it will be fatal. If you strike at 50 MPH, that number skyrockets to over 35%!!

That’s enough evidence for us! So take our advice here, SLOW DOWN and drive responsibly and you will be happy and healthy this time next year and so will your community. The risk in no way outweighs the reward, invest in penny stocks they have a better track record. Happy New Year everyone, make this your first new years resolution.

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