Something that music has always been used for is telling a story. From the overtures of the 18th century to the R&B music of today, music has been used as a form of expression and story telling. The lyrics of songs have been used to convey political unrest, love, hate, and inspiration. The problem we are now having is that rap music is heading in the wrong direction, and we are pissed off about that. Before we divulge, yes, there are good rappers out there, and we hope they take back the public eye and the musicality is brought back through them.

What has been lost in the rap music of today is the message. I recall the songs of the 90’s where there were plentiful amounts of songs about coming up in the struggle, overcoming, hope, and achievement. There was a purpose, and the rappers expressed their opinions on political views, human rights, and their social environment.  When I listed to the radio today there are only three topics:

1) Money

2) Drugs

3) Sex

Were these topics prevalent in the early days of rap and basically every other genre? Absolutely. But, they were and are supplemental to an overall message. You can’t spend an entire album or mix-tape talking about how much money you are making. You can’t just rap on a continuous beat about the women that you have had sex with for 60 minutes. There’s no message, there’s no meaning. it is essentially a fad, the flavor of the week will be rapped about, there’s no passion.

What’s our solution you ask? Here you go:

If you want to talk about sex, money, and drugs; talk about what you learned from that, how you came to worship these devices. If you are making a lot of money from rapping, talk about how you got there, what your life is like other than just what you are buying with the money. Sure, portraying yourself with gold jewelry in a Bentley portrays richness and people want to emulate that, but it gets old. It is a tale that has been told, and unless rappers find a way to portray a REAL message in their songs, the fad will go away, and the credibility of rap along with them.

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