What pisses us off is that the world today has turned into one big blame game. No matter what happens to you, around you, or because of you more often than not is someone else’s fault right? There’s the old flow chart which poses one simple question when trying to solve an issue:

1) Is there something you can do about it?

If there is not, don’t stress yourself over it, if there is, DO SOMETHING.

I could go into the blame game about how we are all becoming too politically correct and a whole of other things, and yes, I believe that is one of the root causes, but I won’t. Why will I not do that? Because that is simply complaining with no alleviation. Our goal here is to pose the issues and provide solutions. So here are some damn issues and solutions that will change your habits and your overall thinking:

Do you find yourself watching the news and getting upset or worked up, putting you in a bad mood?


Here’s your news flash, the only things that the news channel will show are things that they want you to see. Why don’t the news channels show positive stories all day? That’s because anger is our strongest emotion, and when you are angry you are more likely to share the stories with your friends. When you share the stories and they watch the news/look up the story online guess what? That’s right, the news channel makes more money. The focus of news channels are to instill fear, hatred, and dependency. Does that make you happy? Of course not.Stop worrying about the news, I don’t care if you’re conservative, liberal, or worship Charlie Sheen.

Do your co-workers or friends upset you?

Quit, and get some new friends…… Okay, that’s not realistic. People tend to act how others around them act. If you don’t contribute to gossip, complain about others, and only provide constructive criticism you will feel better! I promise! Don’t be shocked when your friends and co-workers start to notice you are the bright spot in the office. Oh yeah, and you’ll probably get a raise quicker too.

Feel like S*** all of the time?

1) Stop eating saturated fats, sugars, and all of that junk.

2) Go to the gym.

3) Stop sitting all day at work

You don’t have to spend 6 hours a day, go walk on an incline at the gym. I don’t care if you’re 500 pounds, stop making excuses for yourself. People feeling bad for you is the worst kind of attention that you can get, I don’t know why some people want that. If you get a lunch break, go walk for 30 minutes, and if you can, get a standing desk. If you are healthier, you will feel better, and you will be 1000x more productive.

While we are at it, after you read this article, read a real book!

Without keeping you for too long, here’s a list of ten things you should think about every day before you go out into the world. Build your to-do list around this.

1) You affect everything and everyone. If someone cuts you off on the road, who gives a damn, it’s over. Conversely, if you smile all day because you’re genuinely happy, you’ll make a few people’s day.

2) Stop watching the news and limit your TV usage.

3) Eat whole foods and limit the garbage

4) Keep moving and get in shape

5) Do not contribute to gossip, negative and positive energy are both contagious, choose the latter.

6) Have goals and something to work for, they’ll keep you motivated.

7) Find friends/family with the same goals and form/join groups

8) Stop complaining so much and see the positive in everything. There’s nothing you can’t learn from

9) Do not hold grudges, you’re only going to be more mad at yourself later.

10) Get enough sleep.

That’s it, go change the world!

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