Steve and Jay talked one day and in about 5 minutes What Pisses Us Off was born. As you can guess, we are pissed of, but let us explain our intentions. We read the news and we follow the top stories, and there are a lot of things that infuriate us in the world that we would like to fix. There are social issues and misconceptions of “the right thing” that we see every day, and it pisses us off. Over the course of our writings here we hope to express our anger towards these issues and by doing so, hopefully our readers will raise an eyebrow and reform the world around them as well. We aren’t fans of complaining without action, so our goal is to provide tangible solutions for the issues we raise. A lot of people are pissed off, but we will be the ones to talk about it AND do something about it. Once we are fully operational and have good participation on our posts, we will take issues that our readers bring up in an attempt to take a world full of people like us, PISSED OFF, and make it a better place. So here it goes, and remember, we’re just trying to making it like everyone else.

Jay and Steve

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